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Not only can fleet telematics save your company thousands of pounds but using iTrack GPS trackers to manage your fleet vehicles can streamline your company logistics and completely take the stress out of fleet management.  Easily monitor multiple assets on a single screen with our range of fleet management tracking devices.

Using our industry-leading iTrack Live GPS Tracking Platform, fleet telematics has never been so simple. Effortlessly download travel reports, monitor driver behaviour and view simulated route repeats for any given day.  You can also be alerted if a vehicle exceeds a certain speed or if a vehicle leaves a specified boundary using the geofence feature.

Historical location data will automatically be saved on our server for 90 days.


Use GPS trackers to monitor fleet of vehicles

Benefits of fleet management:

  • Significantly improve likelihood of stolen vehicle recovery

  • Monitor driver behaviour & speed

  • Improve fuel economy

  • Reduce accidents & repair costs

  • Improve communication with your customers

  • Increased productivity

  • Lower insurance costs

  • Reduce CO2 emissions

  • Assist driver navigation

  • Historical travel reports

  • Geofence feature ensure vehicles stay in working zone

  • Remote engine isolation controls working hours


Our fleet tracking devices are fully hard wired and can be completely integrated in to the vehicle electronics. The electronic relay switch allows for remote vehicle immobilisation, allowing you to remotely turn off the vehicle engine. Not only is this feature useful in the case of theft but can also assist with controlling working hours of your asset. The trackers also have a built in back-up battery in the event of power loss.

The in-line relay switch can be installed to any circuit within the vehicles electronics but the most common and safest installation method is to connect the switch to the fuel pump power supply allowing you to isolate the fuel supply, thus bringing the vehicle to a safe and steady standstill.  The switch can be activated remotely via SMS, via the online live tracking platform or using the iOS/Android App.


Route History

View historical data and watch simulated route repeat

Listening Device

Some of our trackers can also be used as a listening device

Remote Engine Cut-Off

Immobilise vehicle engine remotely (only available with some models)

Back –Up Battery

Internal battery in case of power failure

Geofence Feature

Configure a virtual boundary and be notified if asset leaves the defined area.

Over Speed Alarm

Be notified if vehicle exceeds a certain speed

Out Of Hours Use

Monitor working hours of asset and control unauthorised use

SOS Button

A discreet button raises an alarm.  Peace of mind for drivers if they are in trouble

Free iOS/Android App

Take full control using our handy, user friendly App

Free SIM

All trackers include a O2 Pay As You Go SIM card

FREE Next Day Delivery

All Orders placed before 4pm will be dispatched the same day

Free Technical Support

Our dedicated customer service team are always happy to help

“We keep our caravan in remote storage for 10months of the year.  The ability to easily monitor and tracker 24/7 is absolutely priceless.”

“My classic Triumph was stolen from my garage.  Within 3 hours it was located and recovered, all thanks to the fact I had fitted an iTrack 3 weeks previous!”

“The tracker we fitted to my Grandads mobility scooter assures the whole family he is safe.  We really would be lost without it”

“I purchased this tracker to replace the factory fitted one in my motorhome which was costing a fortune in subscriptions. It does even more than the subscription one because YOU control it. It’s accurate to the inch, sends you a text message as to it’s location, you can see it in Google Maps, and let’s you know if it’s moved or even rocked! Have fitted it permanently inside the leisure battery box and connected it permanently to the leisure battery so that it will always be charged.  The app is easy to use with just one push commands”

“Have been very impressed in this tracker and it’s features which you would expect to have to subscribe to.  Purchased this for my powered wheelchair.  Very easy to set up and the live tracking using the web and/or the app works a treat.  Have been so impressed I will be ordering a second unit for my car.”

“Great product would recommend excellent after sales backup and no problems with tracker does exactly what it says first class fitted to my Harley Davidson and what a piece of mind it is to even tells you if someone bumps into it when it is parked.”

“Brilliant little device, small, so easy to hide on my Vespa. Once up and running brings great peace of mind when you’re away from your ride. Why spend a fortune on an overpriced tracker when this one does it all as well.”