iTrack FS003 OBD Tracker


iTrack Fleet Series GPS trackers are leading the way when it comes to fleet management and telematics.  Companies are making huge savings by taking control of their company vehicles to ensure maximum efficiency, productivity and security.

We can now gather more data than ever before giving fleet managers an insight in to driver behaviour, fuel consumption, route history and idle times.

Our FS003 OBD tracker can provide real-time fuel level and odometer readings direct from the vehicle ECU giving fleet operators ultimate control and visability.


Streamline your company logistics and completely take the stress away from employee and fleet management.  Easily mange multiple assets using our industry leading iTrack Live GPS Tracking PlatformFleet telematics has never been so simple – effortlessly download travel reports, monitor driver behaviour and view simulated route repeats for any given day.  You can also be alerted if a vehicle exceeds a certain speed or if a vehicle leaves a specified boundary using the geofence feature.  Historical location data will automatically be saved on our server for 90 days.  Powered by Google Maps.

Manage your fleet anywhere, anytime.  Whether on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone App – our software will work for you.


All iTrack Fleet Series devices are supplied with a pre configured multi-network roaming SIM installed.  Once the tracker is fitted to the vehicle, the device will instantly start uploading location data to our web based tracking platform allowing you to monitor the location of your asset in real-time.

There are no SIM card balances to manage or complicated device configuration processes – it really is plug and play!

You will need to purchase a connect+ subscription to use with your device that will include all SIM data and unlimited access to iTrack Live GPS Tracking Platform.

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SMS Tracking

Simply send your Fleet Series tracker a text message from your mobile phone and the device will instantly reply with a location report including a Google Maps link.

You can then simply click the link on your smart phone and the location of your asset will show on Google Maps.

SMS subscription is required to use this feature – once you have subscribed you will be sent a phone number for your GPS tracker so you can text the device.

*Subscription limited to 500 SMS location reports per year

SMS TRacking

Unlimited Sub-Accounts

You are able to create multiple user accounts for your employees and choose which assets they can access.

It is also possible to share a location link with anyone your choose – you can even put an expiry date on the link.  This feature is useful if you want to reassure a customer or team member by giving them one-time access to the location of a vehicle.

Once they click the link a map will open in their web-browser showing the real-time location of your asset.


Benefits of fleet management:

  • Significantly improve likelihood of stolen vehicle recovery
  • Monitor driver behaviour & speed
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Reduce accidents & repair costs
  • Improve communication with your customers
  • Increased Productivity
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Assist driver navigation
  • Historical travel reports
  • Geofence feature ensure vehicles stay in working zone
  • Remote engine isolation controls working hours

Powered by Google Maps, our iTrack Live GPS Tracking Platform offers unrivalled performance and reliability.  Monitor your assets in real-time on a PC, tablet or smartphone.  The feature-rich software will allow you to view historical location data, monitor driver behaviour, track idle times, optimise journey routes plus much more.  Click the ‘iTrack Live Demo’ button to experience iTrack Live.

Username: demo   Password: demo123

iTrack Live Demo

connect+ subscription

*Subscription required per connected iTrack Fleet Series device