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SMS tracking allows you to receive a text message to your phone with a full location report including a link to Google maps so you can see on a map where your asset is to within 5 metres.

Simply call the tracker from your mobile phone, wait a few seconds and the device will send you a location report via SMS with a Google maps image showing exactly where the tracker is to within approximately 5 meters.

Each time the tracker sends a location report, the cost of a text message will be deducted from the SIM card balance. (2p per text using Classic O2 SIM supplied with tracker)


All our GPS trackers are supplied with a free 10 year subscription to our live tracking platform and iOS/Android App.  You can configure iTrack GPS trackers to send regular location updates as frequently as every 10 seconds allowing you to monitor the location in real-time, 24 hours a day.  This method of tracking uses mobile data so you are charged per MB used. The device will use a maximum of 60MB per month which is very little making real-time tracking extremely affordable. (1p per MB using Classic O2 SIM supplied with tracker).  After the 10 year free subscription has expired the annual subscription cost is £15.00 per year.


When using the trackers in live tracking mode, location and driver behaviour data is stored on our cloud based server for 30 days. This allows you to look back at travel history and analyse vehicle speeds as well as idle times for any given day or time period. There is also an option to view simulated route repeats allowing you to easily monitor previous travel routes on the map.


Using the Geofence function you can set virtual boundaries on the map so you will be alerted when your vehicle or asset moves in or out of a designated area. Once the tracker moves out of the Geofence, the unit will automatically send you a text message to your mobile phone to alert you. Another excellent feature is the movement alert function. All our trackers have a highly sensitive in-built accelerometer which can detect the slightest movement to alert the user that their asset has moved – again, the device will instantly send a text message to the owner to alert them of the movement.


Some of our hard wired trackers give you ability to immobilise a vehicle engine remotely. The in-line electronic relay switch can be installed in the fuel pump power supply allowing you to starve the engine of fuel, thus bringing the vehicle to a safe and steady standstill (the switch may also be connected to the ignition). You can activate the engine cut-off feature remotely on your computer, phone or tablet. This function is particularly useful when it comes to controlling working hours of a vehicle or asset.

Please see the model comparison chart below to see which trackers offer this feature.


Some of our models have integrated microphones to allow you to use your iTrack GPS Tracker as a listening device – please see model comparison chart to see which models offer this feature.


Effortless tracking at your fingertips. All our devices are compatible with our user friendly App. Simply download the free app to your smartphone for ultimate peace of mind – never lose touch of your asset again. Whether you are monitoring your own motorbike or a fleet of company vehicles, our advanced tracking software will be there by your side.


Using the Classic O2 SIM card supplied, real-time tracking can be achieved for less than 2p per day! The tracker will typically use a maximum of 60MB of data per month when used in real-time mode. The cost per MB using the O2 SIM provided is 1p therefore the cost to you is just 60p per month! The SMS cost using the O2 SIM is 2p per text there so each location report in SMS mode will cost just 2p.


Yes, the trackers will work anywhere in the World where there is a mobile phone network available.
Yes, you can use any standard size SIM card. We supply a free O2 PAYG SIM card with all trackers but you do not have to use it.
Yes. There is an App available for iOS and Android devices which works with all our gps trackers. The app is free to use and allows users to monitor the position of their asset in real time or by text message. You can take full control of the tracker using the app and even immobilise a vehicle engine when used with our hard wired GPS trackers.
No, you can receive SMS location reports from any type of mobile phone. However, you would need to input the co-ordinates in to a mapping software program to view the location on a map. If you have a smart phone such as an iPhone you can simply press the link and a map will open on your phone screen.
Yes, you can control multiple trackers on the same platform – there is no limit.
No, once you have purchased the device and put some credit on the SIM card there are no monthly fees to pay as with most other tracking companies.
All trackers are supplied with a trial period activated that can last a number of years. Once the trial period expires, there is a small annual charge of £15.00 per year for using the web based tracking program – you will also have access to our advanced iOS and Android App.
The devices are extremely accurate thanks to the multi-channel design and have a range of approximately 5-10 metres.
It depends on the device. The battery in our basic GPS tracking device will last up to 80 hours in standby mode, the battery in the Long Life tracker can last up to 6.9 years when in schedule mode! The battery life is significantly reduced if the device is being used in GPRS mode as it will constantly be using power to send regular location signals. Please see full specification for each model in our online shop.
Quite possibly although different insurance company policies vary so we would advise you check first.
Yes, all our trackers can be hard wired to either a 12V or 24V supply. Please note some models includes a full hard wire kit, however a separate hard wire kit must be purchased for the mini GPS tracker.


Route History

View historical data and watch simulated route repeat

Listening Device

Some of our trackers can also be used as a listening device

Remote Engine Cut-Off

Immobilise vehicle engine remotely (only available with some models)

Back –Up Battery

Internal battery in case of power failure

Geofence Feature

Configure a virtual boundary and be notified if asset leaves the defined area.

Over Speed Alarm

Be notified if vehicle exceeds a certain speed

Out Of Hours Use

Monitor working hours of asset and control unauthorised use

SOS Button

A discreet button raises an alarm.  Peace of mind for drivers if they are in trouble

Free iOS/Android App

Take full control using our handy, user friendly App

Free SIM

All trackers include a O2 Pay As You Go SIM card

FREE Next Day Delivery

All Orders placed before 4pm will be dispatched the same day

Free Technical Support

Our dedicated customer service team are always happy to help


You simply use the pay-as-you-go SIM card supplied and pay tracking costs when you need to.  

Typically, 24/7 real-time tracking can be achieved for less than 60p/month!

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