The iTrack FS100 Fleet Series GPS tracker is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a quick and simple 'plug & play' tracking solution. Simply connect the 2 power cables to the vehicle battery terminals and the FS100 will instantly begin uploading tracking data to our web based tracking platform - iTrack Live.  The device is equipped with special clamp connectors making it a very simple job to connect to your vehicle battery. The waterproof iTrack FS100 is truly plug and play - no complicated, time consuming configuration process and no SIM card balance management - perfect for fleet management scenarios. The device comes with a free 14 day trial subscription to iTrack Live.  Once the trial period expires you will need to purchase a Connect+ subscription which will give you all inclusive connectivity including all SIM card data, multi-network roaming, international roaming in over 120 countries and 90 day historical tracking data cloud storage.