1 Year Subscription to Tracker Home Live Tracking Software

1 Year Subscription to Tracker Home Live Tracking Software


For users with iTrack tracking devices that wish to use the tracker in live tracking mode using our web-based server and iOS/Anroid App.
Once subscribed you are able to monitor the position of your asset in real-time and data will be automatically saved for 30 days allowing you to view historical location data with ease.
There is also a free app available from the App store that works simultaneously with the server allowing you to take full control of your tracker using your smart phone.
Once purchased, please leave a note of the IMEI number of the device in the payment section.
Please allow 1-2 working days for you device to be activated.



Using the Classic O2 SIM card supplied, real-time tracking can be achieved for less than 2p per day!The tracker will typically use a maximum of 60MB of data per month when used in real-time mode. The cost per MB using the O2 SIM provided is 1p therefore the cost to you is just 60p per month!The SMS cost using the O2 SIM is 2p per text there so each location report in SMS mode will cost just 2p.


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