Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2019-02-20T16:29:52+00:00
Yes, the trackers will work anywhere in the World where there is a mobile phone network available.
Yes, you can use any standard size SIM card. We supply a free O2 PAYG SIM card with all trackers but you do not have to use it.
Yes. There is an App available for iOS and Android devices which works with all our gps trackers. The app is free to use and allows users to monitor the position of their asset in real time or by text message. You can take full control of the tracker using the app and even immobilise a vehicle engine when used with our hard wired GPS trackers.
No, you can receive SMS location reports from any type of mobile phone. However, you would need to input the co-ordinates in to a mapping software program to view the location on a map. If you have a smart phone such as an iPhone you can simply press the link and a map will open on your phone screen.
Yes, you can control multiple trackers on the same platform – there is no limit.
No, once you have purchased the device and put some credit on the SIM card there are no monthly fees to pay as with most other tracking companies.

All trackers are supplied with a FREE 10 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION. Once the 10 year period expires, there is a small annual charge of £15.00 per year for using the web based tracking program – you will also have access to our advanced iOS and Android App.

The devices are extremely accurate thanks to the multi-channel design and have a range of approximately 5-10 metres.
It depends on the device. The battery in our basic GPS tracking device will last up to 80 hours in standby mode, the battery in the Long Life tracker can last up to 6.9 years when in schedule mode! The battery life is significantly reduced if the device is being used in GPRS mode as it will constantly be using power to send regular location signals. Please see full specification for each model in our online shop.
Quite possibly although different insurance company policies vary so we would advise you check first.
Yes, all our trackers can be hard wired to either a 12V or 24V supply. Please note some models includes a full hard wire kit, however a separate hard wire kit must be purchased for the mini GPS tracker.