Industry-Leading Live Tracking

Our user friendly cloud-based software will provide you with all the tools you need to monitor and manage your asset or fleet.

Monitor the real-time position of all your assets on a single modern interface.  You have total control at your fingertips with features such as geofence zones, engine immobilisation,  movement alerts, over-speed alerts and idle times.  Whether you are a private user monitoring your personal vehicle or a telematics manager responsible for a large fleet, iTrack Live is the perfect solution.

Google Maps Interface

We have teamed up with Google to bring you the most interactive, user-friendly mapping experience available.  You are able to switch between street map view and satellite earth view with the click of a button.  You can also change to street view which can be very useful when communicating with a remote driver giving you a real-life visual of the area.

Landmarks, shops and businesses are all shown on the map making it easy to give clear instructions to field operatives.

Live traffic information can also be viewed to help prevent wasted time in traffic jams and significantly increase productivity work efficiency.

Route History

Not only can you monitor your assets live in real-time, but you can also look back at previous route history.

iTrack Live will save location data in the cloud for 90 days where you can look back at detailed data to maximise the efficiency of your workforce.  You are able to monitor driver behaviour such as locations visited, speed and idle times as well as other features such as engine status reports.

You can save previous routes to allowing you to manage future jobs with much more accuracy and efficiency.

All data can be exported as a file for your records.

Geofence Zone Technology

iTrack Live allows you to assign virtual zones.  You can add as many geofence zones as required and you will be alerted when an asset moves in or out of the boundary.  The data will be saved in the cloud for you to review for 90 days.  You can be alerted the moment the tracker breaches the zone.

This is also a fantastic security feature and will raise an instant alarm in the event of attempted vehicle theft.

Click here to view explainer video showing how to set up geofence feature

Free Mobile App

iTrack Live is designed for both desktop computers and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.  Our user-friendly apps mean you can manage your assets anywhere, anytime.

The app is available for both iOS and Android users.  Simply search for ‘iTrack Live’.


All trackers are supplied with a free 14 day trial subscription to iTrack Live GPS Tracking Platform.  After the trial period has expired you will need to purchase an annual subscription for just £25.00 for standard devices and £59.00/yea for Fleet Series, Caravan Angel & AT1 devices. The software is packed full of features and offers a fresh pleasant user experience.  You will also have access to use the free ios/Android apps.

Please note you will need a separate subscription for each device but they can all be managed within a single user account.  To purchase a subscription to iTrack Live click here

Click Here For iTrack Live User Manual