The iTrack AT1 Asset Tracker is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a quick and simple 'plug & play' tracking solution without any complex wired installation. The robust design and IP67 waterproof rating make the AT1 Asset Tracker ideal for covert installations on practically any asset that needs to be protected and monitored. Boasting a specialist LI-SOCI2 battery that can withstand extreme temperatures and resists battery drain, the device can last up to 3 years depending on the tracking interval configuration. By default, the device will record a location once every 24 hours while stationary, and every 15 minutes once movement is detected. The battery will last approximately 1000 location records - so 1000 days if scheduled to report once per day. The AT1 asset tracker can be installed with maximum discretion making it extremely difficult for thieves to find and remove. The smart sleep feature means that tracker jamming devices are unlikely to work when the device is in hibernation, which will significantly increase the likelihood of asset recovery in the event of theft. The device comes with a free 14 day trial subscription to iTrack Live.  Once the trial period expires you will need to purchase a Connect+ subscription which will give you all inclusive connectivity including all SIM card data, multi-network roaming, international roaming in over 120 countries and 90 day historical tracking data cloud storage.