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    iTrack Mini GPS Tracker in Hand iTrack Mini GPS Tracker

    iTrack Mini GPS Tracker (TK102)

    Track anything. Anywhere. Anytime The iTrack Mini GPS Tracker is the perfect device for monitoring the position and behaviour of employees, vulnerable family members, luggage or any asset you want to track – the applications really are endless!   The lightweight and compact design of the iTrack Mini GPS Tracker makes it ideal for covertly placing in a back-pack or vehicle and the magnetic back cover allows for effortless fixing to metallic surfaces. All trackers are supplied with a FREE O2 SIM card that can simply be topped up using ANY phone.  You can also use any other 2G, 3G or 4G SIM card with iTrack GPS Trackers. The device allows both real-time 24/7 web based live tracking as well as on-demand SMS text message location reports.  Our tracking platform will also save historical location data in the Cloud for 90 days allowing you to view and download travel reports and access simulated route repeats for specific dates when in real-time mode. A comprehensive instruction manual is included as well as our handy ‘Quick User Guide’ with complicated jargon removed to make it extra simple. The operation & set-up of the device is very easy and it can be fitted in seconds without the need for any tools or expert knowledge. The tracker is supplied with a free 14 day trial subscription to our iTrack Live GPS Tracking Platform.  After the trial period has expired you will need to purchase a subscription.
  • Hard Wire Kit for Mini GPS Tracker Hard Wire Kit for Mini GPS Tracker
    This hard wire kit is designed to fit the iTrack Mini GPS Tracker (TK102). Simply connect the 2 wires to your external power source such as a car battery and the tracker will have a constant power supply. No more worrying about the battery life of the tracker! Please note, you should leave the battery inside the tracker as this will act as a back up power supply in the event of power loss. Hard Wire Installation Advice If you are considering hard wiring this device to your vehicle we would always recommend seeking expert advice or using a qualified auto-electrician local to your area.
  • No more need to worry about your battery going flat with this in-car charger. Simply plug it in to the 12V cigarette lighter socket in your car and your iTrack Mini Tracker will have a constant power supply.
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