iTrack FS003 OBD Port Fleet Series GPS Tracker

iTrack FS003 OBD Port Fleet Series GPS Tracker


The iTrack FS003 OBD Port GPS tracker is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a quick and simple ‘plug & play’ tracking solution without any complex wired installation.

Simply locate the OBD port on your vehicle (usually underneath the steering wheel) and plug in the device and the FS003 OBD Tracker will instantly begin uploading tracking data to our web based tracking platform – iTrack Live.

The iTrack FS003 is truly plug and play – no complicated, time consuming configuration process and no SIM card balance management – perfect for fleet management scenarios.

The device comes with a free 14 day trial subscription to iTrack Live.  Once the trial period expires you will need to purchase a Connect+ subscription which will give you all inclusive connectivity including all SIM card data, multi-network roaming, international roaming in over 120 countries and 90 day historical tracking data cloud storage.


FS003 Features


+ Quick & Easy Installation with Quick Start Guide Included

+ Plug & Play – Ready to use out of the box*

+ OBD-II Data Readings Direct From Vehicle ECU

+ Real Odometer & Fuel Level Data

+ Accurate Crash Detection & Trace Data

+ Ignition Status Detection

+ Tow-Away Detection

+ Geozone Boundary Detection

+ View Historical Route History & Drive Behaviour Data

+ Overspeed Alerts

+ Free iOS/Android App

+ Dimensions: 53mm x 29mm x 26mm

*iTrack Live Connect+ subscription required

Connecting the FS003

Installing the FS003 GPS tracker is super easy. Simply locate the OBD port on your vehicle (usually underneath the steering wheel) and plug in the FS003 device – as simple as that!

SMS Tracking

If you decide to opt for the SMS tracking bundle, this allows you to receive instant location reports to your mobile phone via text message. When you subscribe to the SMS service, you will be provided with a telephone number for the tracker – you can then send this number an SMS command from your mobile phone which will prompt the FS003 OBD GPS tracker to respond with a location report including a Google Maps link.

The subscription includes a maximum of 500 SMS location reports per year.

Note: You can still monitor the live location of your vehicle 24/7 via the iTrack Live Platform and smart phone app without the SMS subscription – this is just an optional extra.

Supported Vehicles

GPS tracking will work with any vehicle with an OBD port. However, only supported vehicles will be capable of reporting real odometer and fuel level data direct from the vehicle ECU (electronic control unit). You check if your vehicle will support real-time fuel and odometer data by clicking the link below.

Click here to view supported vehicles list

Click here to view supported electric vehicle (EV) list

iOS/ Android App

The iTrack Live app is free to download from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android).

Click to download from App Store




Additional information

Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 4 cm


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