iTrack Live Connect+ Subscription (for Fleet Series, Caravan Angel & AT1 devices only)

iTrack Live Connect+ Subscription (for Fleet Series, Caravan Angel & AT1 devices only)


All inclusive connectivity subscription for use with iTrack Fleet Series tracking devices only.

Benefits of connect+

  • Full access to iTrack Live GPS Tracking Platform & iOS/Android App
  • Activation of prepaid multi-network roaming SIM card (no credit top-up required)
  • Automatic configuration of your Fleet Series tracking device
  • Works in over 120 countries
  • 90 day cloud storage for historical tracking data & driver behaviour
  • Unlimited sub-accounts with feature restriction management
  • All data charges included
  • Optional SMS tracking*

*Additional charges apply – tracker phone number will be issued via email after purchase

Subscription is valid per device.  If you have multiple trackers registered to your iTrack Live platform you will need to purchase multiple subscriptions.

Please allow 1-2 working days for your device to be activated.

IMEI Number * 

Please enter the 15 digit IMEI number of your device. This can be found on the actual device or on the box label. If you are placing an order for multiple subscriptions, enter all IMEI numbers.

If you are subscribing more than 5 devices, please send an email to with your order number and a list of your IMEI numbers.


Prepaid Multi-Network Roaming SIM

No more SIM card top ups – your iTrack Fleet Series device will work without any inconvenient SIM credit management.  The in-built SIM card will be activated enabling your device to upload tracking data to your iTrack Live account.  The device will connect to which ever network is offering the strongest signal in the area.

Plug & Play

Your iTrack Fleet Series GPS tracker will work automatically without any time consuming and complicated configuration process.  Particularly beneficial if you have a large fleet of vehicles.

No more configuring IP address settings or network APN codes – Fleet Series trackers just work straight out of the box!

Going abroad – no problem.

Your Connect+ subscription includes international data roaming in over 120 different countries.

Unlimited Sub-Accounts

Create multiple user accounts for your employees and choose which assets they can access.  You can also specify which features each user has access to.

Optional SMS Tracking

Simply send your Fleet Series tracker a text message from your mobile phone and the device will instantly reply with a location report including a Google Maps link.  You can then simply click the link on your smart phone and the location of your asset will show on Google Maps.

After you have subscribed for SMS tracking you will be sent a phone number for your GPS tracker so you can text the device.

6 month SMS subscription = 250 SMS location reports

12 month SMS subscription = 500 SMS location reports

24 month SMS subscription = 1000 SMS location reports

IMEI Number

You will need to provide the IMEI number of your device in order for us to apply your Connect+ subscription to your iTrack Live account.  Please see image below showing location of 15 digit IMEI number.



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