ULEZ Expansion 2023

In the biggest change to London’s road for decades, the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) was expanded across all London boroughs to help improve the air quality in London. The change took effect on 29th August 2023.

Despite many objections, the expansion has gone ahead and is proving to cause many problems for businesses with fleet vehicles unknowingly entering the zones.

Owners of older, less environmentally friendly cars that don’t meet the emission threshold that enter the zone, will have to pay a daily fee (£12.50) for the privilege. This fee has to be paid voluntarily and if it isn’t, the individual or company will incur an automatic fine. Many people will be familiar with the process if they have ever entered the Congestion Zone or other similar initiatives throughout the country such as the Tyne Tunnel.

How can iTrack help your business?

A challenge for fleet operators is knowing when company vehicles enter congestion zones, ULEZ zones or other similar charging schemes. Companies need to rely on the employee to either pay the charge or make the fleet manager aware so they can pay the charge. The employee may simply forget to mention that they have been inside the zone or might be blissfully unaware that they have entered or that the zone even exists!

All our vehicle GPS trackers are equipped with geofence zone technology which allow the user to be instantly alerted if a vehicle enters or leaves a zone. This feature can save companies thousands of pounds in ULEZ and Congestion Zone fines. Simply create a zone around any congestion or ULEZ zone and easily set the iTrack Live software to send instant alerts when a zone is entered which will prompt the responsible person to pay the charge to prevent a fine.

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