There were over 89,000 motor vehicle thefts in England & Wales last year.

Unfortunately, vehicle theft is a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing any time soon – that is why it’s imperative that we do our upmost to prevent crime where we can.

Not only can GPS trackers help prevent vehicle theft, but the presence of a tracker on your vehicle will significantly increase the likelihood of recovery if the unthinkable happens.

As technology moves at an incredible pace, so do the innovative techniques that criminals are using, such as relay theft where vehicles with keyless entry are targeted and driven away with the owner blissfully unaware – gone are the days of crow bars and brute force!

So how can iTrack help?

Our tracking devices not only track your vehicle 24/7 but also boast many clever features that will help get one over on the criminals. For example, ignition detection will alert you if your vehicle is started without your authority and some trackers have RECO technology (Remote Engine Cut-Out) which allows you to immobilise your vehicle when parked and even cut the engine while it is moving in the event of theft.

Create Virtual Boundaries for Your Assets

 It is possible to use our software to create virtual boundaries, or ‘geofences’ – the user can then be instantly alerted if a vehicle was to leave or enter this zone allowing you to alert the Police immediately – you can then provide them with a link that can be used to track the vehicle in real-time and hopefully catch the criminals read-handed. It is also possible to be alerted to events such as speeding, harsh braking, low fuel, and excessive idling – particularly useful for fleet operators.

A good example where this could be useful is for caravan owners where their asset may be stored at a remote location – the owner would simply create a geofence around the caravan and would then be alerted if it was to move out of that zone – the ultimate peace of mind.

Recover Your Asset & Avoid Insurance Premium Hikes

 Obviously, it’s not always possible to prevent vehicle theft – there were 89,000 instances last year alone! However, having a GPS tracker installed on your vehicle means that you can be proactive and take immediate steps to recover your asset before too much damage has been caused to your pride & joy. In most cases, our customers recover their assets in less than 12 hours and eliminate the stress involved with replacing the vehicle, not to mention avoiding the financial implications that insurance claims bring in the form of excess and future premium hikes.

 Bespoke Solutions for Business

 We are aware that different businesses have different needs when it comes to tracking. For example, a company may need a simple tracking solution for their vehicle fleet, whereas another company may have a more unique requirement where assets don’t have a power supply such as trailers or light plant. We can offer clients a fully bespoke package and include features such as Bluetooth driver identification or even cabin temperature monitoring for food and medicine transportation on request.

The bottom line is that we will never stop vehicle theft but there are certainly steps we can take to help prevent it or quickly recover stolen assets using GPS tracking technology.