Tracker Accessories

  • Note: This subscription will not work with Fleet Series models.  Connect+ subscription required - click here For users with iTrack tracking devices that wish to use the tracker in live tracking mode using our web-based tracking platform and iOS/Anroid App. Once subscribed you are able to monitor the position of your asset in real-time and data will be automatically saved for 90 days allowing you to view historical location data with ease. There is also a free app available from the App store that works simultaneously with the server allowing you to take full control of your tracker using your smart phone. The subscription is valid per device.  If you have multiple trackers registered to your iTrack Live platform you will need to purchase multiple subscriptions. Please allow 1-2 working days for your device to be activated.
  • Hard Wire Kit for Mini GPS Tracker Hard Wire Kit for Mini GPS Tracker
    This hard wire kit is designed to fit the iTrack Mini GPS Tracker (TK102). Simply connect the 2 wires to your external power source such as a car battery and the tracker will have a constant power supply. No more worrying about the battery life of the tracker! Please note, you should leave the battery inside the tracker as this will act as a back up power supply in the event of power loss. Hard Wire Installation Advice If you are considering hard wiring this device to your vehicle we would always recommend seeking expert advice or using a qualified auto-electrician local to your area.
  • No more need to worry about your battery going flat with this in-car charger. Simply plug it in to the 12V cigarette lighter socket in your car and your iTrack Mini Tracker will have a constant power supply.
  • Auxiliary siren to be used with iTrack hard wired GPS trackers. Once installed, the siren will make a confirmation sound when the tracker is armed and disarmed using the remote control key fob. You can also sound the alarm when the tracker is in an armed state to act as a deterrent. Please refer to tracker operating instruction for more information on alarm functions. Compatible Models:
    • iTrack Micro Tracker (GPS311)
    • iTrack Pro Fleet Tracker (GPS303)
    • iTrack Professional Tracker (TK104)
  • Make life easy for yourself and opt for this pre-registered O2 Pay As You Go SIM card for your tracker. This SIM card is pre-registered and has £10 of credit ready to use.  Simply charge the battery and you are good to go. For future top-ups simply call 0345 6062277 from any phone.
  • This SIM is supplied without credit.  To register the SIM simply call 0345 6062277 from any phone and top up with credit.


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